Middle Primary

Dr Montessori described the Primary Level as ‘Cosmic Education’ to denote the breadth of its scope. This level aims to expose the children to the structure of understanding in most subject areas.

The children in Middle Primary, between 6 and 9 years of age, are in the first stage and continue to build on all the developments and acquisitions from their first 6 years of life. The nature of this process, however, changes because the characteristics of children beyond the age of six are very different.

Children are given the freedom to learn through their own activity and exploration, and, in the process, to become increasingly independent. The curriculum aims to develop in children the qualities of self-confidence, self-direction, self-discipline and persistence, in tandem with the ability to concentrate, to move with coordination, to interact with others with grace and courtesy and to take responsibility for the order of the environment and for their own learning. The preparation of the learning environment, and the resources and activities offered to the children, are matched to the characteristics of this first stage of the second plane of development.

For information on the Primary Curriculum see here.

We invite you to view this beautiful overview of our Middle Primary classes (ages 6-9), which includes footage and interviews of past and present staff and students.

Middle Classrooms

La Casa del Cuore

Teacher:   Maria Partridge                     Teacher Assistant: Imogen Plowright

La Casa del Cuore means The House of Heart.

La Casa della Luce

Teacher:   Tina Case                 Teacher Assistant:  Maria Fahy

La Casa della Luce means The House of Light.

La Casa della Gioia

Teacher:   Yasmin Ismail                         Teacher Assistant: Rowena Fleming

La Casa della Gioia means The House of Joy.