Upper Primary

The second stage of the Primary years is Upper Primary, where the children range in age between 9 and 11 years.  ‘Cosmic Education’ continues at an even deeper level of study.

Children are given the freedom to learn through their own activity and exploration, and, in the process, to become increasingly independent. The curriculum aims to develop in children the qualities of self-confidence, self-direction, self-discipline and persistence, in tandem with the ability to concentrate, to move with coordination, to interact with others with grace and courtesy and to take responsibility for the order of the environment and for their own learning.

The second plane of development is characterised by physical stability and steady growth. Because less energy is being used for physical growth, children in the second plane of development have increased stamina. These stronger, healthier children are more adventurous and daring, often willing to try physically challenging things, and to ignore scrapes and bruises in order to demonstrate their increasing strength and toughness. This increase in physical stamina can also manifest itself as a capacity for sustained intellectual work. Children in this plane of development are more receptive to intellectual learning than at any other time in their lives.

For information on the Primary Curriculum see here.

We invite you to view this beautiful overview of our Upper Primary classes (ages 9-12), which includes footage and interviews with past and present staff and students.

Upper Classrooms

La Casa del Mare

Teacher: Sam Abrahams                                          Teacher Assistant: Jane Walker

La Casa del Mare means The House of the Sea

La Casa della Pace

Teacher:  Jessica Henke                                                      Teacher Assistant:  Esther Quah     

La Casa della Pace means The House of Peace