Why Montessori

Dr Maria Montessori was Italy’s first female doctor and a dedicated educator. In the late 1800s, she created a method of education based on a child’s own innate desire for learning. She tested her theories over several decades and established the principles on which Montessori Schools all over the world now operate. Find out more about this amazing woman here.

Following the principles of Maria Montessori, the Beehive stresses that:

Education is an aid to life and preparation for it.

The potential for each individual’s development should be respected and nurtured.This involves the integration of the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and social aspects of life.

The experiences in school should reflect and be linked to the world “outside”.

Learning occurs in a variety of ways and should be suited to the children’s needs; it is:
*largely active
*often self-correcting
*encourages independent learning
*unlimited in scope

There be a diversity of social groupings.

The adult’s role is one of directing and observing.

The environment “reaches” the child through its:

By balancing freedom and discipline, a capacity for self-direction results.

Beehive’s excellence in Montessori education is achieved through our highly qualified Montessori teachers and the internationally recognised Montessori National Curriculum which has been accepted by both national and state regulatory bodies as an alternative curriculum.