Sustainability is integral to The Beehive Montessori School ethos, and as such, sustainable practices are integrated across all learning areas in a way that gives students the skills, knowledge and values to empower them to make responsible choices regarding water and waste management.

The design criteria for Beehive ensures built in sustainability will minimise our energy consumption, lower our carbon footprint and to ensure our presence at the site is as sustainable as possible. The building design allows for the ingress of natural light for lighting while window orientation and design provides window shading protection from the harsh summer sun but still allowing warming from winter sun irradiation.

Building materials such as rammed earth are utilised for high thermal mass storage minimising temperature variation inside the buildings throughout the year, and to complement these design initiatives 17kW of solar panels were installed at the school.

The School is committed to striving towards a world where people value the natural environment and care for their communities. One way we do this is by being Waste Wise and Water Wise by promoting a policy of
Rethink     Reduce     Reuse      Recycle

The Beehive’s continuous commitment to these programs is to actively raise awareness of sustainability practices within the School and wider community through the School newsletters, fundraising efforts, students creating and presenting plays, poems and stories to the School and School events.

We are also committed to modelling sustainable practices through ongoing building and improvement of infrastructure within the School.