Interested in a Montessori education for your child?

Our enrolment process will help you learn more about our school and Montessori education in general to help you decide to embark on this journey with us. The ideal time for children to start at a Montessori school is 3 years old, so it is ideal to start the enrolment process by the time your child is 2 years old.

Personal Tour

Join us for a personal tour with the Principal or Deputy Principal to learn what makes our school so unique. We discuss Montessori education and what this looks like at Beehive, followed by a walk around the school. Book a Personal Tour here.

Application for Enrolment

By completing the Application for Enrolment form your child will be placed on our waiting list, and we will arrange the next part of our enrolment process.


Generally we hold parent interviews the semester before your child turns 3, in March for children born in July to December and then in September for children born in January to June. We also conduct parent interviews at other times as needed, such as when enrolling an older child.

Offer & Acceptance

Soon after the interview you will be notified if there is a place for your child. This is when we ask for the Enrolment Forms to be completed and the Admission Fees paid in order to secure your place. Further information on fees and payment options are available here.

Confirmation letter

We will inform you in writing that the enrolment is confirmed and let you know your child’s teacher and classroom. Even though you will have already observed in a classroom, it is important now to observe in your child’s class prior to starting. Once your child starts, you will not be able to observe in that classroom for the first term to enable your child to fully settle in.

Home Visit or School Visit

Home visits provide the opportunity for your child to meet their teacher in the comfort and security of their own home, as well as for you to ask any questions you may have. Due to the COVID pandemic, a School Visit rather than Home Visit will be arranged by your child’s teacher. This provides the opportunity for you and your child to visit the classroom together, to meet the teacher and ask any questions prior to your child’s Readiness Visit.

Readiness Visit & meet your Beeliner

When the teacher arranges the Home Visit, he or she will also discuss a date for your child’s Readiness Visit. This Readiness Visit allows all of us- you, your child and the teacher- to be sure the timing is right for your child to start attending school. On this day you will also meet the classroom Beeliner who will sit with you and have a chat about the school and class in particular, and generally be available for any general questions you may have.


After the Readiness Visit, you will be given a date for your child’s official start of school, which is generally the next day. For new three year-old children hours are 8.30am – 1pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am – 12.30pm on Fridays. Sometimes, a whole morning is too much to start off with, so the teacher will guide you in what is best for your child. We do offer an Extended Care program Monday to Thursday 1.00-3.00 for working parents who are unable to pick up their child in the middle of the day.


Many parents who are interested in a Montessori education for their child are pleased to know we also have a Montessori playgroup for children aged 18 months to 3 years. This has proven to be a wonderful introduction for the children and helped create a smooth transition to the classroom.