Home Room Meetings

Students and their school age siblings will play outside with the classroom assistants, for the duration of the meetings. The focus for this term’s Home Room Meetings is general class information.

  • All Junior Primary classes will meet on Tuesday 31st July at 2.30pm in your child’s classroom.
  • Anthea’s class will meet on Thursday 2nd August at 2.30pm in the classroom.
  • Maria’s class will meet on  Monday 30th July at 2.30pm in the classroom.
  • Bronwyn’s class will meet on Wednesday 1st August at 2.30pm in the classroom.
  • Upper Primary classes will meet on Friday 3rd August at 2.30pm in Sam’s classroom.
  • Adolescent Program will meet on Tuesday 31st July at 2.30pm in the classroom.

We look forward to this opportunity to share with you, and hope you can make it.