Home Room Meetings

This term, you will be introduced to the School’s protective behaviour curriculum, Keeping Safe. Primary classes will also discuss the camps coming up this term. Home Room Meetings will take place in your child’s classroom at 2.30pm. Adolescent Program meeting will start at 3.00pm.  Students and their school age siblings will play outside with the classroom assistants, for the duration of the meetings

  • All Junior Primary classes will meet in the Hall on TBA.
  • La Casa del Cuore, Maria’s class will meet on TBA
  • La Casa della Gioia, Anthea’s class will meet on TBA.
  • La Casa della Luce, Sam’s class will meet on TBA.
  • La Casa del Mare, Kath’s class and La Casa della Pace, Jess’ class will meet on TBA in Kath’s class.
  • Adolescent Program will meet on TBS at 3.00pm

We look forward to this opportunity to share with you, and hope you can make it.