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How we Montessori

Montessori Notebook


Physiotherapist Philippa Perry is joined by the Executive Director of Association Montessori Internationale, Lynne Lawrence, to talk about the history of Maria Montessori.

Enjoy this podcast on Montessori Education  with Simone Davies and Jesse McCarthy

Maria Montessori House Talks Podcasts: 2. Montessori, movement and executive functioning with Louise Livingston
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More Podcasts are available via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud on the AMI website, including:

What is Resilience? (Dr Laura Flores Shaw)

Montessori Movement and Executive Functioning (Dr Louise Livingston)

Corner of Hope

Music in Montessori with Sandford Jones (Interview with Jesse McCarthy)


Montessori Education- A Review of the Evidence Base

Testing – A Montessori Perspective – MAFeArticle0904

Montessori Approach to Assessment & Reporting – MAFeArticle1001

The Conscientious Worker: The Child from 3-6 years of age – MAFeArticle1002

The Importance of Sensorial Grounding of Intelligence from the Beginning of Life – MAFeArticle1003

Effecting Cosmic Education – MAFeArticle1004