Junior Primary

The children of Junior Primary classes range in age between 3 and 6 years of age. They have an amazing ability to absorb knowledge from their surroundings, taking in their environment- the physical space, the language and the movement- with what Maria Montessori called the ‘absorbent mind’.

The ‘prepared environment’ for this age level provides ample opportunity to move, touch, manipulate, explore and discover and enables children to develop concentration and independence. Children learn from each other in this mixed-age classroom, benefiting from the role-modelling of older children while those older also benefit by reinforcing their knowledge when they help the younger children.

Children start in Junior Primary at Beehive as close to their third birthday as possible, as this is when they are most ready for the prepared environment of the classroom. Starting as soon as they turn three also allows for each child to be welcomed into their new learning environment individually by the teacher and classroom community rather than as a group at the beginning of a year or term.

For information on the Junior Primary Curriculum see here.

We invite you to view this beautiful overview of our our Junior Primary (ages 3 to 6), which includes footage and interviews with past and present staff and students.


Junior Classrooms

La Casa Contenta

Teacher: Holly Swaldi             Teacher Assistant: Ria Santoso

La Casa Contenta means The House of Happiness and was the initial classroom when school began!


La Casa del Nord

Teacher:  Christine Pizzey                 Teacher Assistant: Sally Howard

La Casa del Nord means The House of the North, and was added on the northern side of the school in 1986 as Beehive numbers increased.


La Casa del Giardino

Teacher:  Lucy Clarkson Fletcher         Teacher Assistant: Aria Ciampini

La Casa del Giardino means The House of the Garden, and was originally located in a portable classroom  in 1999.


La Casa dei Fiori

Teacher: Hannah Norsworthy              Teacher Assistant: Elise Elliott

La Casa dei Fiori means The House of Flowers, and was the fourth Junior Primary classroom added as our numbers increased further.