Montessori Principles

Following the principles of Maria Montessori, the Beehive stresses that:

  • Education is an aid to life and preparation for it.
  • The potential for each individual’s development should be respected and nurtured.This involves the integration of the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and social aspects of life.
  • The experiences in school should reflect and be linked to the world “outside”.
  • Learning occurs in a variety of ways and should be suited to the children’s needs; it is:
    • largely active
    • often self-correcting
    • encourages independent learning
    • unlimited in scope
  • There be a diversity of social groupings.
  • The adult’s role is one of directing and observing.
  • The environment “reaches” the child through its:
    • richness
    • order
    • scale
    • attractiveness

By balancing freedom and discipline, a capacity for self-direction results.