Educational Aims

The following general goals are part of the School’s aims:

Emotional Goals

  • A good self image.

Emotional Skills

  • An awareness of one’s own feelings.
  • Sensitivity to and consideration for the feelings of others and the environment.

Physical Goals

  • A body whose movements are mastered and controlled.
  • The fine motor co-ordination necessary for writing and manipulation of materials.
  • The ability to participate in some sports and physical activities which may be carried into adulthood.

Intellectual Goals

  • A self-motivated and disciplined learner who becomes independent of the adult.

Intellectual Skills

  • The mastery of the necessary tools or skills (such as reading, writing, etc.) in order to be able to pursue knowledge.
  • An understanding of how to find information and use various media.
  • A flexible approach to solving problems and the ability to adapt and make the most of all situation in life.

Curriculum Goals

  • An understanding of the evolution of life and a feeling of responsibility toward aiding further evolution.
  • An understanding that all people have the same basic needs and an appreciation for the variety of ways in which those needs are met.
  • An awareness of the interdependence of humans and nature, with responsible feeling toward an ecological whole.
  • An awareness of the interdependence of humans and nature, with a desire for co-operation and peace.