A Design Criteria of the New School

The Leighton Beach site is an ideal location for taking advantage of our natural enviroment and climatic conditions.  Design criteria ensures built in sustainablility will minimise our energy consumption, lower our carbon footprint and to ensure our presence at the site is as sustainable as possible.

The building design allows for the ingress of natural light for lighting while window orientation and design provides window shading protection from the harsh summer sun but still allowing warming from winter sun irradiation.

Building mateials such as rammed earth are utilised for high thermal mass storage minimising temperature variation inside the buildings throughout the year.

To complement these design initiatives 17kW of Photovoltaics (solar panels) have been installed at the school. Daily peak power demand is around 25kW . Funding of the photovoltaics was as part of the BGA National School Pride scheme in 2010 (see photos below).

For any parent interested in viewing the performance of this system at the school, they can see it on website: