Beehive Stage 2


This stage of the school rebuilding program will see the construction of new classrooms for Junior Primary, Middle Primary, Upper Primary, an Administration Building, Two New Playgrounds and upgraded Electrical & Fire Services.  This is a major undertaking for Beehive with the projected cost forecast to be $7.7M.

Development will occur in four Stages. The Administration Building and the first Junior Primary classrooms (Stage 2A) were completed in 2012, and Stage 2B which includes the 3 remaining Junior Primary classrooms, the Junior Primary playground, the staff car park and the schools fire services were completed in 2015.

Stage 2C

At the end of 2015, work started on Middle Primary (3 Classrooms), a Music Room & Parenting Education Centre

Stage 2D

Upper Primary & Special Education Therapy Centre-work on Stage– 2D will commence as soon as funds are available.