Future Projects

Looking to the Future

With Stage 1 of the New School Program complete and Stage 2 now underway we are busily planning the next exciting phase of The Beehive Montessori School’s development.

Stage 3 will likely include

1) A Science Block for the Adolescents Program

The school has developed a very innovative Middle School where once again the educational environment was developed to meet the psychological need of the adolescent. During this time the adolescent experiences rapid hormonal development in their frontal lobe and feel as though they are living in a fog. Their learning needs to be hands on and with a clear consequence of actions. Their science programme is primarily outdoor where they learn science, physics, chemistry, biology, zoology and ecology in context to physical work called an occupation. This kind of approach requires a specially designed classroom. Often an outcome of their work will involve a micro economy where they will sell what they have grown, harvested or made.

The school’s existing science block will require upgrading over the next few years to cater for increased student numbers.

2) A Residential Building for the Adolescents

The aim of introducing a Residential Middle School is to develop independence, responsibility and social interaction. Without parents being present students have to take full responsibility for their actions.

The proposal is for a Monday to Friday program with students returning home for the weekend. The program will cater for approximately 35 students.

3) An Indigenous Program

Beehive Montessori is looking to expand its commitment to integrating an indigenous programme into the school’s curriculum. It is one of three schools in the State to have a Reconciliation Action Plan. We also offer bursaries for Aboriginal children if needed.

The Montessori Method of teaching will benefit Aboriginal students through its hands on methods and its strong connection to nature. Also the main Montessori Principles incorporating education for peace, civility and respect for the individual and the environment, align strongly with Aboriginal goals for education.

4) Childcare Centre

While child care does not fit directly into the Montessori programme there are many Montessori Child Centres across Australia.

There are a number of benefits to The Beehive Montessori School operating a child care centre-

  •  Firstly we can introduce formal Montessori education into child care,
  • It will also introduce parents to the Montessori Method adding to the pool of potential students, and
  • It will produce an additional revenue stream for the school

5) Parenting Centre

We would like to provide parenting education to assist parents with the daunting task of bringing up a child. Many mother’s suffer from post natal depression and are unable to express this as they are supposed to be experiencing the best time of their life, however this is often not the case. We would like to offer support, and encourage friendships with other parents with small children.

In additional to these projects the School Board has as a strategic goal of acquiring the land upon which the school is located. This aquistion will underpin the long term future and viability of the school.