New School Buildings

The Beehive Montessori School is entering an exciting new phase of the school’s ongoing growth and development.

In line with the School’s Strategic Plan all existing buildings will be replaced with new purpose-built buildings, designed as a place of learning embracing the Montessori Method of education and providing a communal environment incorporating sustainability in its design and construction. (View the Beehive new buildings 3D fly through).

The design for the new buildings has been done by Earth House Design Office who have worked closely with the school to understand the Montessori teaching principles and produce a built environment that supports the learning process. The overall design intent has been to create a village atmosphere not unlike those found on the Mediterranean islands. These islands share very similar weather conditions & display architecture that while reacting to these conditions, is driven by a strong sense of community.

In line with the Montessori approach, the classrooms are seen as houses that are interconnected by small, protected lanes. The ‘Piazza’ or village square is surrounded by the public buildings (Hall, Administration, Library) which act as protection from the intense weather and create a nurturing environment for the community to gather or pass through during daily life. If you have any questions about the buildings please feel free to contact the guys at EHDO or visit their website:

Stage 1 comprising a School Hall, Library and Central Square was completed in November 2010. The school gained funding for this project from the Federal Governments BER program (Building an Education Revolution).

Stage 2 will see the all Primary School building replaced along with a new Administration Building, 2 new Playgrounds, Parenting Education Centre, a Special Education Theropy Centre, new Electrical & Fire Services and Carparking.

Stage 2 will be undertaken in four stages. Stage 2A (the new Administration Building & one Junior Primary classroom) has now been completed and work has begun on Stage 2B. With completion due for the middle of the school year in 2015, Stage 2B comprises the 3 remaining Junior Primary classrooms, the Junior Primary playground, the staff car park and the schools fire services. The in-ground services and slab for the Middle Primary building will also be done during this stage in anticipation of commencing this building as soon as the funds become available. Stage 2D requires the demolition of the existing school buildings and will commence once these other buildings have been completed.