Student Philanthropy

 ‘Kids Who Give’ – 2015

At The Beehive Montessori School, we pride ourselves on encouraging and nurturing the social conscience of our students to engage in philanthropy work.

We strongly believe that by giving back to our community, either locally or internationally, we are raising a new generation of socially aware and caring young individuals. We do not limit ourselves to raising funds for various charities but we also support different worthwhile causes as well.

Through their philanthropy work and with help from the whole school community, students are able to raise the funds to donate as well as to bring awareness of the charity/cause of their choice.

Here are the student philanthropy activities for 2015, which raised $10,953 for a variety of charities:

Whole School


All students took part in a Walkathon on Thursday 28th May to help raise funds for medical research.  The weather was perfect for the walk, and it was a great opportunity for all the students to do something together! The students raised $2,560! This, along with $748 from the Biggest Morning Tea held for parents on the same day, was donated to the Cancer Council of WA.

Cake Stall for Nepal

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal, the whole school rallied to raise money for Red Cross to help them rebuild.  The entire school community showed their support by baking and buying at our biggest cake stall ever, raising $1320.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Each class holds a ‘Great Book Swap’ to support and raise funds to help purchase books for Indigenous communities throughout Western Australia. Collectively, they raised $293 for ILF.

Christmas Market

Each class made items for sale at the Beehive Christmas Market, held in the piazza one sunny afternoon near the end of term. A total of $1300 was raised towards upgrading the Primary Playground.

Class Projects

La Casa Contenta:  The students from La Casa Contenta held a music concert on Friday 29th May to raise funds for the Cathy Freeman Foundation which helps provide education to Indigenous children.  They collected over $900.00 for this worthy cause!

La Casa del Nord:   Students in La Casa del Nord created art works on canvas for sale to their parents which raised $285 for SIDS.

La Casa dei Fiori:   The students in La Casa dei Fiori held a ‘5 cent drive’ to raise money for Kaarakin, the Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre.  Students decorated jars and created posters, and set up at small tables around  the school encouraging everyone to donate their 5 cent pieces. They raised $509 and a visit from the Kaarakin and two of their black cockatoos.

La Casa del Giardino:  La Casa del Giardino’s project was a two-fold fundraising effort in term 2 (high tea experiences) and term 3 (batik, hand painted tea towels) to raise funds for Meals on Wheels (Fremantle) and Umbrella Community Care. In total the class raised $658 which was split equally between these two charities to help “grannies and grandpas”.

La Casa della Gioia:  La Casa della Gioia held a second hand bookstall to raise money for the homeless people of Perth through St. Patrick’s Community Support Centre in Fremantle. They raised $400 from the book stall and collected second hand clothing to donate to their opshop.

La Casa della Luce:  The students from La Casa della Luce created and sold a newspaper, ‘The Buzz’.  They raised $358 for a Montessori school/orphanage in Afghanistan called House of Flowers.

La Casa del Cuore:  The students from La Casa del Cuore held a canteen for all students. They raised $400 for the Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity  to help feed the homeless.

La Casa del Mare:  The students from La Casa del Mare made delicious minestrone soup for sale to students and parents – a great and ready meal!  They raised $535 towards Native ARC.

La Casa della Pace: The La Casa della Pace students made hanging glass bauble candles decorated with handmade fimo beads threaded on coloured ribbon. They raised $351 for Native ARC.

La Casa della Terra:  The students from La Casa della Terra made a variety of items for sale at stalls to raise $1236 for the Cancer Council.

In addition to raising money for those in need, students also contribute their time and energy in other projects as part of the School’s Community Outreach program.

  • The students of La Casa della Terra regularly assist the Town of Mosman Park with their dune rehabilitation projects at the beach opposite the school.
  • The School Choir were invited to perform at the Senior’s Week morning tea, a shared event held by the Towns of Mosman Park, Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove.

Below is our ‘Gifting Register’ which lists our philanthropic work for 2014:

  • Lion’s Club District 201W1-22nd Annual Children’s Film Festival ‘Razzamatazz’ – $275.00
  • Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea and Walkathon for Medical Research – $3,351.35
  • Indigenous Literacy Fund – $74.30
  • ‘Kids Who Give’ – McCusker Foundation (please see note below) – $5,078.25
  • ‘Give Anything for a Good Night’s Sleep’ – Ngala Fundraiser – $161.45
  • Ebola Fundraiser – $207.75
  • Total Amount Raised for 2014 – $9,148.10

Note: ‘Kids Who Give’ Program is an initiative of the McCusker Foundation which encourages philanthropy work for our future generation. –

In 2013, The Beehive Montessori School won a Giving Award and a monetary prize of $500 for our fundraising efforts for the ‘Kids Who Give’ Program.

We distributed the monetary prize money amongst our 10 classes and each class was given $50 seed money for activities which would help generate more funds for different charities and worthwhile causes. The teachers encouraged and helped the children with their ideas which included a short musical concert, cake and food stalls, poetry books were produced by the students, busking in Fremantle etc.

With our combined efforts, we managed to raise $5,078.25 which was distributed to various charities like Save the Children Fund, a little girl with spinal muscular atrophy (SMARD1), Medecins Sans Frontierres, St Patrick’s Community Support Service, RSPCA, Kaarakin – The Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre, The Natural Conservancy, Swan Animal Haven, Mission Australia and Princess Margaret Hospital.