• Rhonda Sheehan – Principal

    I have been at Beehive since 1984 where I taught in Middle Primary and Upper Primary.  I have been fully committed to Montessori over the years, and both of my children, Brooke, now 32 years old and Lily, now 21 years old, were educated at the school.  I believe that Montessori is not just an education but a philosophy for life.

    I have a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Education and have taught in both the State and Catholic systems.  Disillusioned with teaching and learning practices back in the 80’s, I had decided to finish my career as a teacher.   My daughter, Brooke, led me to discover Montessori education at The Beehive Montessori School.  I then travelled to Italy in 1987 to complete my AMI Montessori Diploma for 6 – 12 year olds in Bergamo.  In 2006 I travelled to America to take part in the Orientation to Adolescents, a course run by David Kahn.

    I welcome you to The Beehive Montessori School website, and hope you enjoy what our school has to offer.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

  • Debbie McCarthy – Deputy Principal

    My interest in Montessori education began during this time when our eldest daughter started at the Beehive Montessori School in 1984.  What I experienced as my other children progressed through the school ignited a passion and prompted me to leave my profession as a Textile Conservator and Restorer (initially with the WA Museum and later in private practice), and to begin training as a Montessori teacher.

    From 1985 I worked as an assistant and relief teacher at Beehive, and began teaching full time in 1992 after gaining my diploma in Montessori. In the years since then, I completed a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood) and later a Master of Arts in Education (Early Childhood) in 2006.

    My husband, and I live on a ten acre property near Jandakot where we aim to live as sustainably as possible and to preserve the native flora and fauna. We also grow vegetables and enjoy keeping poultry, ducks, sheep, guinea fowl, rabbits, trout and barramundi. I strongly believe in the importance of nature in children’s lives and enjoy sharing my experiences of our farm and nature with the school by sometimes bringing in animals for the children to experience and care for.

    After a very rewarding and enjoyable 20 years teaching and also lately taking on the role of Deputy Principal, in 2012, I began my new role as a full time Deputy Principal at Beehive.

  • Christine Pizzey – Teacher – La Casa del Nord – Junior Primary

    Christine Pizzey studied in London at the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and gained her Montessori teacher Diploma for 3 – 6 year olds. Christine returned to Perth in 1984 and began working in the one and only Junior Primary classroom at Beehive, “La Casa Contenta”. In 1986 another Junior Primary classroom was built and named “La Casa del Nord”. Christine became the teacher of this classroom for the next 2 years, leaving in 1988 to have her first daughter Hannah, and then her second daughter Rachel in 1990. Both girls attended Beehive. Christine returned to teach again in 1994, returning to “La Casa del Nord” she feels that watching the development of the whole child is just as rewarding and fascinating as when she first began.

  • Lucy Clarkson Fletcher – Teacher – La Casa del Giardino – Junior Primary

    Lucy completed her studies in South Africa, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Law and English, a Certificate in Teaching English to Adults and a Montessori Diploma in Early Childhood (3 – 6 years).  Whilst living in Cape Town, South Africa she held the roles of Assistant and later Directress at two Montessori schools.  After immigrating to Australia in 2010 she worked as a Directress for two years at Montessori Stepping Stones.


  • Anthea Brignoli – Teacher – La Casa della Gioia – Middle Primary

    I graduated from Hartley Teacher’s College, SA in 1979. It was here that I was introduced to the Montessori method of teaching. After completing my diploma I commenced a “world institute of Montessori” external education diploma. I relocated to Perth for my first teaching position and worked at the Perth Montessori school for a number of years. Eventually I undertook Montessori training in 1987 – 88 at the Montessori Internationale in Bergamo, Italy. After a few years I started my own family and took a break from teaching. When my first child approached the age of three we enrolled her into Beehive Montessori School. Later my son joined her and I commenced teaching once again. I have worked in the 3 – 6 and 9 – 12 cycles of education and am currently working in a 6 – 9 classroom. I love this stage of development and the educational aims of this age group.  Beehive has a harmonious staff, supportive parents and a leader with astounding vision.

  • Maria Partridge – Teacher – La Casa del Cuore – Middle Primary

    Maria has worked at the Beehive in numerous roles.  She began working at the Beehive as a Teacher’s Assistant in Junior Primary.  This role suited her as her children were young and she is a very family orientated person.  Whilst working she embarked on a Montessori course and obtained a Diploma through MWEI.  As government regulations changed and teachers required a university degree Maria undertook studies in Early Childhood Education and successfully gained a Bachelor of Arts through Curtin University.  She then worked a Perth Montessori School and gained experience as a Director in the Children’s house.  Maria returned to work at the Beehive in 2001 as a teacher in Junior Primary and enjoyed her role, watching a child grow and develop still fascinates her.

    In 2008, Maria decided she would like to work with children in the second phase of their development.  She completed a Bachelor of Education degree through Notre Dame University.  She also completed in-house training to familiarise herself with the AMI curriculum.  She worked industriously and prepared albums in all areas of the curriculum.  Maria is now teaching in Middle Primary and is thoroughly enjoying putting theory into practice.

  • Kath Meisinger – Teacher – La Casa del Mare – Upper Primary

    Katherine Meisinger has been involved with The Beehive Montessori School since 1996 after she immigrated to Australia from South Africa . She became interested in the Montessori teaching method and subsequently enrolled in the 3 – 6 MWEI course. Kath was employed as a Teacher’s Assistant in the 6 – 9 environment, during which time she had three children who have all attended the Beehive since they were three years old. Kath has worked in many teaching capacities. She obtained her Teaching English as a Second language in London and has taught English in Canada , England and South Africa . Whilst back in South Africa Kath completed a diploma in Architectural drafting and worked in this field for a few years. She is committed to the Montessori Philosophy and method and upholds these principles in her current role as an Upper Primary teacher. Kath travelled to Italy in 2008 – 2009 to complete her studies in the highly recognized AMI course for 6 -12 year olds. She was able to attend Montessori schools in Sweden and Italy for practical and observational purposes. Kath is currently enrolled at Open Universities to complete her Bachelor of Education. Kath is very inspired and takes great pleasure in delivering Montessori education to the students.

  • Jessica Henke – Teacher – La Casa della Terra – Adolescent Program

    I have been a part of the Beehive community for 8 years in different roles: As a parent, a Beeliner and as a teacher. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Media studies, a Diploma of Mass Communications, a Post Graduate Diploma of Education (secondary) and I completed my Montessori Adolescent training in 2009. I teach in the Middle School in the areas of Humanities, Literacy, Physical Expression and Health. I love the supportive school community in which staff, students, parents, grandparents and the wider community are able to work together to create an optimal learning environment.

  • Brendan Giambazi – Teacher – La Casa della Terra – Adolescent Program

    Brendan grew up in Perth and attended John XXIII College. He graduated from WAPPA in 2003 with a BA in Jazz Performance and completed a Graduate Diploma of Education the following year. Studies prior to this included Psychology and Commerce at UWA.
    Two years of travel in the late nineties after leaving school cemented an appreciation for diverse culture, art, music, food, architecture and belief systems. With all these influences Brendan started to teach music in the state system up until 2010 when he was lucky enough to come across the Beehive Montessori School.
    Starting in 2011 in the Middle School Brendan has found working at Beehive to be an extremely positive and rewarding experience. The job has offered him opportunities to develop skills in many different areas and with such a dedicated group of teachers and talented students to work with and an interested and supportive wider Beehive community he looks forward to many positive and productive years at the school.

  • Lorraine Martis – Teacher – La Casa D’Oro

    I am the Special Education Teacher in La Casa D’Oro, which means the House of Gold. I began in 1990 and have been at The Beehive Montessori School for the past 20 years. I have enjoyed each day, with its challenges, tantrums, laughter and humour.

  • Lisa Wieringa – Personal Assistant to the Principal

    My name is Lisa Wieringa and I’m the PA to the Principal, Rhonda Sheehan. I enjoy working at Beehive as the variety of events is always interesting and challenging and it offers a great working environment with wonderful staff and parents.

    I am married and have two children, Jackson and Demi who are both teenagers.

    I love the beach and swimming, enjoy going to the movies, playing tennis and getting together with family and friends.

  • Deanne Keene – School Secretary

    My name is Deanne Keene and I am the School Secretary. I was employed at the Beehive from 2005 – 2008. I returned to Beehive at the beginning of 2011. I am enjoying my time at Beehive as it has a wonderful working environment and the staff and parents are great. I am a single mother with two adorable children. I enjoy the beach, netball, going to the movies and the company of my family and friends.

  • Jane Polla – Administration

    Hi, my name is Jane Polla. I have been working part-time at The Beehive Montessori School since October 2006.

    I really enjoy working at Beehive because of the positive, caring atmosphere that not only exists for the students but for all the staff. I’m married with two children. I enjoy eating well, keeping fit and social get togethers with family and friends.

  • Makiko Fukuda – Librarian

    I am originally from Osaka, the food capital of Japan. I have been working for the school library since 2007.  I hold a Diploma of Library/Information Services (Central TAFE, Perth), a Diploma of Business (Sterling Business College, Perth) and an Associate degree of Domestic Science (Osaka Kun-ei Women’s College). I am currently completing a B.A. in Librarianship and Corporate Information Management at Curtin University.  I studied Japanese calligraphy since I was five and I am qualified to teach calligraphy in Japan. It was a great opportunity for me to teach calligraphy to our Middle School students when they studied Japanese Shogunate studies.  I like reading, eating, walking, traveling, playing the piano, musical theatres, doing yoga and tai chi. The school has given me a great opportunity and I enjoy working with students, parents and staff.


  • Andrew Hull – Business Manager

    I am married with two children and have lived locally in Mosman Park for 21 year. I commenced at the Beehive in February 2011, providing administrative support for the finance staff and committee. My duties include setting budgets, looking after finance matters and generally overseeing the financial stability of the school.

  • Elisa Main – Finance Manager

    I am originally from Brazil and I came to Australia 12 years ago.
    I am the mother of 2 beautiful girls, Charlotte and Katherine who keep me very busy.
    I have worked in Finance all my life and joined Beehive Montessori School in March 2011.
    My favourite things outside my very busy schedule are running and drinking good coffee.

  • Suzanne Cameron – Teacher’s Assistant – La Casa del Giardino – Junior Primary

    I am a Teacher’s Assistant in La Casa del Giardino working along side Lucy. I grew up on a 24 acre school campus surrounded by 250 years of rich history in India. In 1979 I took up the position of a Teachers Aide and got absorbed working with Nursery children. I decided right then that, that was what I intended to do for as long as I could.

    I married John who I grew up with on the same campus in 1986, we have a daughter Ashton Sasha, the love of my life, who was born in Calcutta India in 1988. She has excelled in the field of performing arts and classical music.
    Joining The Beehive in 1999 was the highlight of my landing in Australia. I find much satisfaction and a great deal of joy each day I spend with the children at the school. It is a great place to be and I have felt welcome and have received a lot of support at the school. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of this wonderful institution.

  • Vera Lim – Teacher’s Assistant – La Casa del Mare – Upper Primary

    I am enjoying my fifth year at Beehive Montessori School.  I started in La Casa Del Luce.  This is my second year as a Teacher’s Assistant in La Casa Del Mare.

    I have an AMI Teaching Diploma and had taught in the 3-6 year environment in Singapore.  I am taking time to enjoy good quality family life in Perth with my husband and two daughters. I find satisfaction being involved with my church and community work.

  • Lea Hammond – Teacher’s Assistant – La Casa della Gioia – Middle Primary

    My name is Lea Hammond and for the past six years I have been employed at Perth Montessori School as an assistant; I am thrilled to be working with Anthea in La Casa Della Gioia.  I do consider myself very fortunate to be a part of this very welcoming and supportive Montessori community.  I am a passionate believer in the philosophy and strive to incorporate this in my every day work and life.  I am very happily married and have four beautiful children who keep me very busy.

  • Renata Cammarano – Teacher’s Assistant – La Casa della Luce – Middle Primary

    My name is Renata Cammarano and I come from an Italian background.  I am the Teacher’s Assistant in La Casa Della Luce.  It is my first year at the Beehive Montessori School and so far I am enjoyinig working with April and the students.

    In the past two years I have been working as a special needs teacher assistant of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

    In my spare time I like to play tennis, listen to music and spend time with my nephew and nieces.

    I feel very privileged to be working in the Beehive Montessori School and hope that I can live up to the high standard of the Montessori Education system.

  • Robyn Matthews – Music specialist

    Hi my name is Robyn Matthews. I’ve had 8 years of instrumental teaching experience and am currently enjoying my third year at Beehive, teaching general music. The children’s response to their music education is extremely gratifying and I couldn’t be happier.

    I am married with three children aged 10, 12 and 15 years. I love to sing, play the guitar and share good times with family and friends.

  • Mick Bailey – Garden and Maintenance

    Mick has been looking after the buildings and the gardens at the Beehive since February 2001. Always on hand to assist, you’ll find Mick busy with many jobs ranging from potting flowers to painting railings and playgrounds.

  • Susan Russell – Teacher – La Casa della Terra – Adolescent Program

    My family and I became involved with Beehive through our interaction with friend’s children who attended the school, and their encouragement to view the educational environment at a Visitor’s morning in 1998. Having completed a Grad. Dip. Ed. in Theatre Arts, Media and English years earlier and disillusioned with mainstream education and many alternatives to it, the sight of a school actually practising all the marvellous ideals that I had left University believing possible, brought tears of joy to my eyes! We promptly enrolled our then 2 year old, and have been positively and actively involved in the school in many ways since.

    I am married with two wonderful daughters, Isabella and Angelina. Both have attended Beehive since they were three.

    The greatest joy in my time at Beehive is observing the growth and development of students in so many ways, and the way this is enhanced so wonderfully by the direction of their teachers and principal, and the contribution of parents to the daily life and special events that are such an important part of our school community. This is a rare and extraordinary environment and community, made possible by everyone’s contributions, and one to be treasured by us all.

  • Carolyn O’Toole – Teacher – La Casa del Mare – Upper Primary

    My name is Carolyn O’Toole. I commenced my teaching career in 1988 in Kalgoorlie, where I taught for 5 years. Then I went traveling for a year and taught in London as a supply teacher. On return to Australia, I went and worked in Margaret River and eventually returned to Perth to teach.  In 2002, my husband and I moved to Karratha where we lived for seven years, during that time I taught relief as it fitted in with the family. We then moved to Thailand for 2 years. I am currently working with Kath and Sam in Upper Primary to provide them with their DOTT relief. I have found the whole environment at the Beehive to be friendly and supportive. The children are motivated learners and I love the multi age class environment, which is so enriching.

    As well as working at Beehive I work with Dyslexia SPELD as a specialist teacher, tutoring children with Dyslexia and other learning disabilities. This work is so rewarding and I love helping children to reach their full potential. In my spare time I enjoy writing stories. One day I might even got the nerve to send one to a publisher!

    I am married and have four wonderful children who keep me very busy, happy and occasionally drive me nuts. Like most mum’s, I am the family taxi, spending a lot of time driving my children to their various extra-curricular activities.

  • Scott Rees – Cleaner

    Hi, my name is Scotty.  I have worked at the Beehive Montessori School for 14 years.  I have watched the school grow and I have enjoyed my time here.

    When I am not at Beehive I enjoy surfing and watching the AFL.

    My son is in a metal band and my daughter has nearly finished studying Physiotherapy.

  • Bronwyn Hope – Teacher – La Casa della Luce – Middle Primary

    Bronwyn Hope holds a Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) from James Cook University, a Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary) from Edith Cowan University, and an AMI Montessori Diploma (6 – 12yrs) from Centro Internationale Studi Montessori in Bergamo, Italy. Bronwyn has also attended The AMI Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies (ages 12 – 18yrs) from NAMTA

    Bronwyn first attended the Beehive as a child in the early 1980’s. As an adult she returned to work at the Beehive as a teacher in Middle Primary. In 2003 the school sponsored her to study in Italy for a year. On her return, she taught in Upper Primary, before teaching in the Adolescent Programme from its inception.

    This year Bronwyn has returned to work (part time) from maternity leave, with her eldest child now in Junior Primary. She feels extremely privileged to have been a part of such an amazing school community for so long; as a child, a teacher and most recently joining the community as a parent. She has a deep love of Montessori Methodology and cannot imagine teaching anywhere else.

  • Amanda Furfaro – Teacher’s Assistant – La Casa del Nord – Junior Primary

    I have been involved in Montessori early learning for 3 years and I am very committed to Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education for children

    I have a certificate II in Children’s Services and I am currently completing my Education Assistants course through Polytechnic West. I am also in the process of completing my MWEI 0-6 years Montessori Certificate.

    Although I have only been at Beehive Montessori for a short time I love the feel of the school as it is very family orientated and community minded.

    My interests are reading, cooking, travelling and enjoying leisure time.

  • Riris Fitzgerald – Teacher’s Assistant – La Casa del Coure – Middle Primary

    I came to Perth in 1999.  My two children were born in Perth and started school at Beehive when they were 3 years old.

    I have a Diploma in Secretarial studies from the Inter study College in Jakarta and have a Certificate III for Children’s Service.

    I have worked as an Assistant Marketing Manager and Personal Assistant but stopped to raise my children.  I started working at Beehive in 2009 as a relief Teacher’s Assistant and started full time in 2011 in a Junior Primary class.

    In Term 3 2013 I started as a  Teacher Assistant in Middle Primary.


  • Esther Quah – Teacher’s Assistant – La Casa del Mare – Upper Primary

    Peace be with you, my name Esther Quah. I am the Teacher’s Assistant in La Casa del Mare.

    I graduated from the National University of Singapore in Business Administration. I worked for a few years before deciding to embark on a teaching career. So I started off as a Teacher’s Assistant in a Montessori school in Singapore and later, as a Teacher in the same school when I completed my Montessori Diploma from AMI (USA) for years 3 to 6.

    Six years ago, I arrived in Perth and worked as a Teacher’s Assistant in a Montessori School up north. But I had to take a compassionate leave of absence 2 years ago to help care for my late father. Now, I am back in Perth again and am blessed to be working at the Beehive Montessori School and to be part of the growing and developing process of these lovely children.

  • Chantal Fenelon – Teacher’s Assistant – La Casa Contenta – Junior Primary

    My name is Chantal Fenelon and I first began my Montessori journey in 1992, a year after having completed school in my birth country of South Africa.  It was while studying for a traditional teaching diploma that I discovered the Montessori system and I have never looked back.

    I left traditional teaching and went to work for a year as a Montessori assistant. I then backpacked through Europe for a year and afterwards returned to South Africa to complete a Montessori Diploma.  I worked in a Montessori school in South Africa for 2 years and then moved to Ireland where I continued to work in the Montessori system until my first child was born.

    In 2006 we moved to Australia and my eldest daughter began school here at Beehive Montessori – this year she will be moving into the Adolescent Program while my youngest daughter is now in her last year of Middle Primary.

    A few years ago I rejoined the work force in a sales and administration position where I soon realised that my true passion still lay in working with children. So in 2013 I then completed a Cert III In Education support in order to get  back into this field.

    I am thus truly delighted to start working alongside Lydia this year in La Casa Contenta – the classroom where both my children have had the privilege of starting their school career.

  • Sam Abrahams – Teacher – La Casa del Mare – Upper Primary

    My introduction to Montessori was through my prac placement at university, I was placed into Anthea’s Upper Primary class for 10 weeks in 2005. After completing my Bachelor of Education-Primary with a major in Maths in 2007 I took a position in middle primary teaching Physical Education (my passion!).

    In 2010 I started my 6 – 12 years AMI training, based in Sydney, with the 6 week foundation unit being taken at the International Montessori Training Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. My AMI training was in 5 week blocks so I was able to still work at Beehive throughout this period.

    On completion of my AMI diploma, June 2011, I took on La Casa della Pace as a maternity position. In 2014 I took my own maternity leave and am now back in La Casa della Pace in a team teaching position with Carolyn O’Toole.

    I am married with 2 sons, Kobie, 12, who is in our Adolescent Program and Blaine, 1, who will start Junior Primary in 2017.

  • Rita Bonnici – Teacher – La Casa dei Fiori – Junior Primary

    I was first exposed to Montessori education in high school where I had an after school job at Humberside Montessori school in Toronto.  I continued to work at the school during summer breaks from Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. After graduating from university with a BA in Native Studies I returned to Humberside as an assistant in a 3-6 class. The founders of the school eventually sponsored my training and in 1996 I graduated from The Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto, Canada.

    Since that time I’ve worked in Saudi Arabia, Canada, and the Northern Marianas Islands, the latter of which I lived in for the past 12 years before moving to Perth.

    I am exceptionally appreciative and grateful to have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful and inspiring families, educators, and children along the way.

    I have moved to Perth with my husband Paul who is attending Edith Cowan University and our daughter Nari.

    I am thrilled to be at Beehive Montessori School.

  • Cathy Woodhouse – Teacher – La Casa Contenta – Junior Primary

    I grew up in Melbourne, where I first studied Musical Theatre (BA) at the University of Ballarat and later discovered my passion for Montessori education. This led me to India where I obtained my AMI 3-6 Diploma and caught the travel bug. Over the years I have lived and taught in Melbourne, South Korea, Myanmar, India, the USA, New Zealand and now here in Perth. I am very excited to be a part of such a wonderful school and to nurture a beautiful learning environment in which each child can fulfill their potential.

  • Serena Zen – Teacher – Italian

    My name is Serena Zen. I am the Italian teacher at Beehive Montessori School. I was born in Italy. I am from a little town in the mountains, right on the Swiss border. My family (including my parents and sister) still live there. Twelve years ago I decided to come to visit the place where my mum was born, Fremantle. Initially the plan was to stay for one year but I have never left since! I studied Visual Arts at Curtin University and Primary Education at Murdoch. I am currently finishing my Early Childhood Education Graduate Certificate at  Notre Dame.

    I love going to the beach, singing, crafts and gardening. I feel honoured to be part of this school!

  • Lauren Ebert-Day – Teacher’s Assistant – La Casa dei Fiori

    Staff Photo Coming Soon