Parent Talk

We are pleased to invite parents to this Parent Talk on Tuesday 12th March 7.30pm – 9.30pm with Dr Laura Flores Shaw MTA Parent Talk 12th March 2019 FLYER

Dr Laura Flores Shaw is the lead editor, writer, and founder of White Paper Press, an education company focused on increasing the scientific knowledge of educators and parents. She received her doctorate from Johns Hopkins University School of Education, where she is also an adjunct professor, specializing in mind, brain, and teaching. Previously, Dr Shaw briefly worked as a family systems therapist in the public-school system where she realized her desire to work on the prevention rather than intervention side of mental health. That led her to revive a failing Montessori school where she created environments that allow children to flourish. In 2014, she left school administration to focus on advocating for educational and parenting frameworks that can improve the lives of children and their families. Dr Shaw’s current research focuses on exploration of pedagogical constructs in practice and how teachers’ knowledge of such constructs influences their teacher efficacy beliefs and, hence, their behaviours with students. She also seeks to align the field of education with the research on sensorimotor development, as it is intertwined with the development of cognition and executive functions. Dr Shaw writes, speaks, and consults internationally on education, brain development, parenting, and organizational behaviour.

Montessori is Brain-Based Education

For the last two decades, cognitive science has been experiencing a “pragmatic turn” away from traditional “thinking” based frameworks of cognitive development towards an “enactive” framework, where cognition is grounded in sensorimotor skills. As neuroscientist Daniel Wolpert states, “We have a brain for one reason, and one reason only: to produce adaptable and complex movements.” This means we are not born to think—we are born to move. Conventional education, however, still operates from a “thinking” framework rather than one that is “enactive.” Yet, over 100 years ago, Maria Montessori designed enactive classroom environments that train children’s sensorimotor skills to purposely foster the development of their higher-level thinking. This talk shows how this 100-year-old pedagogy aligns with the most current research in cognitive science and neuroscience, making Montessori an education that is truly brain-based.

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