Junior Primary Sleepover

Each year the junior primary teachers hold sleepovers for the ‘older’ children in junior primary- those going into middle primary in the next term or two. Every child gets the opportunity to attend one, and they really are much awaited!

After a good walk, and an icy pole, they walk back to school to get the beds ready. Children help each other organize beds and pillows, and once these are ready they unpack their bags in their ‘change-rooms’, to the delicious smells of  dinner!

 After dinner, came the preparations for the disco…..changing and doing hair takes some time!

After preparations for bed, everyone snuggles up for the movie and then finally….it is time to sleep!

There are always quite a few proud children in the morning, as some have never slept overnight away from home before! The children help get set up for breakfast, and then all too soon it is time to pack away bedding and clothes and set up the rooms for school again!

 A great time is always had by all!