La Casa della Pace

Teacher:  Carolyn O’Toole     Teacher Assistant:   Esther Quah

La Casa della Pace

This term we welcomed four new children, who are now fully fledged upper primary members: Polly, Scarlett, Tristan and Finlay. They are settling in to the work, with their organisation and prioritising skills developing nicely. All of the children have been working well and settling in to the rhythm of a busy Upper Primary class.

As a class, we have been putting into practise some strategies to encourage FLOW in our daily work routine. In our class we begin the day with daily fitness and guided meditation for 15 minutes. This has really helped the classroom atmosphere and we have noticed a much calmer class ambiance within the room. This is helping the children to get their work tasks done with less stress.

In Zoology this term, the Year 4 students have enjoyed studying the internal parts of vertebrates and learning about the Earth in Geography. The Year 5 students are really loving the Science work on the comparative study of vertebrates and the History of Early Humans. The Year 6 students are well into their History research about Ancient Civilizations and Botany work on seeds.

This term, the children have had a First Aid Incursion about choking from St John’s. The children had a group discussion and practised the most effective ways to deal with a patient who is experiencing a blockage to their airways. As always, this was a very advantageous incursion and one which we hope shall never have to be used in real life.

The children have produced some lovely pieces of art this term and have had fun using watercolours, charcoal, and knot boards to create their masterpieces.

They have also had fun with lots of coding activities creating algorithms, which have proved trickier than they look.

All in all, it’s been a great start to the school year and we look forward to more next term. We hope you all have happy Easter and a wonderful, safe and relaxing holiday.

Carolyn and Esther