La Casa del Mare

Teacher:  Kath Meisinger     Teacher Assistant:   Vera Lim 

La Casa del Mare 

The students have been enjoying gymnastic lessons this term in the sport program. They have acquired new skills and have risen to many challenges that presented in relation to group co-operation and trust. The coach was very impressed with them on the level of communication and co-operation they displayed and because of this they managed to achieve the goal of building a multi based pyramid.

They produced a lovely macramé gift for their mothers and treated their mums to delicious homemade pikelets. The feedback has been so positive and the mothers are really appreciative of the efforts made, so this will definitely be an annual event.

In art they made scratch drawings, used ink and watercolour to depict pictures reflecting areas that they have learnt about in the curriculum.

Their Corroboree item was enjoyed by those who attended, it was about interesting facts that the children had learnt this year. There were some pretty amazing facts about some unusual subject areas.

The year 6 students have been working with the theorem of Pythagoras and have also researched Fibonacci’s “Golden Ratio” with relation to the self-replicating growth in geometry. They made an impressive representation using coloured paper and also reproduced a spiral using the compass and graph paper.

All of the students were asked to research an Aboriginal artist and reproduce a piece of work reflecting that artist’s style which was showcased at the celebration of NAIDOC week. This is an example of work by Tilly Nicholas, she researched Ruth Nungarriayi Spencer, and then used acrylic paint to depict one of Ruth’s works. They also learnt a couple of Aboriginal songs and enjoyed an hour long incursion from one of the members of the Madjitil Moorna choir.

The students have all been presented with many lessons and some have produced remarkable pieces of work. For example, this piece of geographical research on tsunami, volcanos, earthquakes, hotspots, mountain structures and faults by Felix, Ollie and Cillian. This is just one example of the many projects they have worked on.

Some of the students have really enjoyed working with different operations in decimal number and continue to amaze me with their lovely attitudes toward work as they eagerly ask me for more sums!

We hope you all have a lovely winter break and return for a productive term 3 in good health!

Kath and Vera