La Casa del Mare

Teacher:  Kath Meisinger     Teacher Assistant:   Vera Lim 

La Casa del Mare 

The students of La Casa del Mare have been very busy and productive in many areas of the curriculum and have done well in all area. They have enjoyed making food on Thursdays and sitting down as a group to enjoy a freshly cooked lunch, prior to cooking they had to decode a recipe and write down the procedure in the correct order.

The focus of sitting down together is to practise grace and courtesy at a table and the use of good table manners. The children used chopsticks when eating the teriyaki chicken, rice and vegetable dish and some of them have mastered the art of using them!

Some of the students have been practising touch typing and this has improved their speed and accuracy.

The Corroboree item this term was a play about the parts of speech and the function of the various parts. They all performed confidentially with a lot of expression. All of the students have had lessons in grammar and have symbolised extensively using the symbols that Montessori designed.

The students from Upper Primary attended a first aid course on the actions that you would take if a person was choking, they practised on each other to perfect the movement.

In health the students have been learning about their right to feel safe at all times. We have had many interesting discussions about safety and have shared many stories with each other about situations where they felt unsafe. We then discussed the warning signs that trigger in our bodies when we feel that we are in a compromised position.

They learnt a poem about the benefits of being kind and then wrote their own poems. These are a couple of examples from some of the students.


I saw him push her yesterday,

I saw him shove her right away.

He was mean and big and bad…

He’s a bully but is he sad?

I saw him cry and sob and weep…

So, maybe a counsellor is all he needs.

Make a mate.

If you put your mind

To be very kind

It could be great

To make another mate

Who is feeling sad

Because a bully got mad

That is why we should stop

Bullying a lot

But if we work together

It could stop forever.

As a practical life activity most of the students really enjoyed sanding the outside table back and loved the new look once it had been varnished. They did a great job!

We hope you all have a great break and a very enjoyable Easter!

Kathy and Vera