Education Support Centre

La Casa d’Oro is Beehive’s Education Support Centre, providing educational support to students with learning differences as well as  for children with mild to moderate disabilities.

Students with learning differences are offered individual or small group tuition, in addition to their class lessons, specifically targeting their area of difficulty.

For students with disabilities, our objective is to provide the least restrictive environment possible for each child (which will depend on the nature and severity of the disability) by:

  • including the child in mainstream classes wherever possible; and
  • increasing the understanding and sensitivity of teachers, peers and the whole school community towards a child’s disability and frustrations, thereby furthering their own social development.

The centre is funded from a combination of sources, chiefly government grants and the students’ fees, but also-as with all sections fo the School- from the general School budget and fundraising efforts of the School community.

Further information is available from the School Secretary or Principal.