La Casa della Luce

Teacher: Sam Abrahams   Teacher Assistant: Renata Cammarano

La Casa della Luce

What a whirlwind of a term! We welcomed Ariella, Radha and Harriet in full time and Leo, Kaiden and Nick have visited and we look forward to having them here full time next year.

Grandparents morning is always a highlight and the children took great pleasure in showing their grandparents some of the jobs in the classroom and their work.

The children really enjoyed performing corroboree this term with Fiori. They signed and spoke the rhymes ‘Five Fat Sausages’ and ‘Five Enormous Dinosaurs’. It was wonderful to see a six-year age range leading and performing corroboree together.

Thanks so much to Jen Paterson for sourcing the materials and for sewing all the pencil rolls for the Christmas Market. Jen spent the day in the classroom with some of the students helping, it was fantastic to observe. Tile coasters were made by all children and they managed to sell most of them.

We had an update of our Snake Bite First Aid with an incursion from St John’s in week 7 which was a great reminder for us all. The children’s knowledge of what to do is great.

Liv, Finlay and Olive researched the five senses and presented their work with models and labelled diagrams, well done to all on standing in front of the whole class to do this.

Our younger children had fun making 3-dimensional shapes out of card and taking note of how many vertices, faces and edges each had.

In botany the middle group of children researched the food factory and the parts of a leaf including the stomata and what it does.

Thank you to all of the parents for coming to the report meetings with your children, it is a great time for them to hear and to realise how much they have all grown throughout the year.

Thank you to Maddie for all your work as Beeliner and we wish you all the best with your studies next year.

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and enjoy the holidays!

Keep smiling!

Sam and Renata