La Casa della Luce

Teacher: Sam Abrahams   Teacher Assistant: Renata Cammarano

La Casa della Luce

We started Term 2 with a lovely afternoon where the mums got to visit, the children really enjoyed this (and I believe the mums did too!). Thank you so much to Sarah (James’ Mama) and Kate (Tom’s Mum) for cooking with the children, they love it!

They then went out into the piazza taking pictures of any polygons they found in the environment.

Corroboree preparations involved rehearsing for a few weeks with Giardino, before performing beautifully on the day. It was a great opportunity for the age groups to work together.

Week 9 saw us venture to the Fremantle Arts Centre to be a part of the Woylie Festival schools program, organised by Paper Bird Books. Thankfully the weather was kind to us in what was a wild and woolly week. We walked to Victoria Street Station and caught the train to Fremantle, then straight onto a Cat bus to the Arts Centre where a man named Maitland Hill, from Kaarak Dreaming Maitland’s Cultural Tours in Dwellingup, showed us some of the symbols for common words, such as water, man and woman. The children then had a chance to draw their own. As a group we moved upstairs to meet another man named Kamsani Bin Salleh, who is an emerging artist/multi-media practitioner. All the children used paint pens to contribute to a massive artwork on a black canvas sheet which represented the South-West of WA. Next it was down to the marquee where the children got to meet a DJ named Josh Eggington who goes by the name of Flewnt in the local music scene. He performed for us, which was a treat as he was performing that night at the WAM Awards as he was nominated for 2 awards (and ended up getting both as well as Grand Prize Runner-Up!). The children also got to create and perform their own rap.

We hope everyone is over any sickness and that you all have a fantastic break.

Keep smiling

Sam and Renata