La Casa della Gioia

Teacher: Anthea Brignoli, Teacher Assistant: Lea Hammond

La Casa della Gioia

What a wonderful start to our school year having Lea return to our classroom. She brought rays of sunshine with her, literally and metaphorically. She is rocking her new short hair and her energy levels have astounded us.

The children settled immediately to the familiar routines. They forged new friendships and worked on a range of friendship difficulties with the help of “mindfulness” techniques and the “BUZ” friendship games and materials. We have talked extensively about “working smart” in ways to promote social/emotional intelligence and the children understand the notion that “cleverness” comes in many, many different forms.

We have noticed a change in behaviours and attitude towards ownership of “how we learn” and the choices we make in life. The children displayed an innate openness to view intelligence on a broader, more inclusive scale. It is obvious that children sense many of these complex ideas naturally and the conversations that sparked from our lessons were very profound.

The weekly class meetings have helped nurture a sense of belonging to a social group. One child takes the position of chairperson and another child the position of secretary. An agenda is written in the week leading up to the gathering. The child who writes the point talks to it at the meeting and individuals add their ideas to the conversation. Class issues are discussed openly, solutions raised and outcomes are agreed upon together.

When we asked the children what they enjoyed working on this term, these were their responses.

Dima liked solving math problems.

Alaia liked writing her “Diamonte” poem.

Riho liked cooking “Onigiri” (Japanese traditional rice balls) with her Mum and Valentina.

Valentina likes how “everyone is nice here in our class.”

Charlotte Shearer liked discovering the area of shapes she drew in her graph book.

James enjoys the “clip circuit” job, exploring electronic experiments.

Charlotte Crichton, really, really liked her “Lake Disappointment” research project, which she decided to do after reviewing the water-forms of Australia. Art and Taz helped her.

Alex enjoyed making two dioramas, based on a wildlife park and a mine.

Henry liked filming and editing the “Early Humans” work and Alex’s diorama documentary.

Art liked doing algebra equations.

Reuben liked researching “World Wonders” with Elliot.

Taz liked doing the reading analysis work and finding the adverbial phrases.

Abby enjoyed making an i- movie with Edie about “The Great Barrier Reef”.

Elliot is enjoying drawing the eras in “The Time-line of Life”….. especially the trilobites.

Edie enjoyed researching the very important water-forms of Australia.

Nayte liked our excursion to “Browne’s Dairy” to learn about the producer and production in an important food industry.

Lea is really enjoying being back in Gioia and once again part of the dynamic classroom on a daily basis.

We all enjoyed learning our Jamaican song for Harmony Day. It has a great beat and very catchy lyrics.

Thanks to Jonelle, our Beeliner, who has kept the home fires burning and communicated regularly with our parents. It has been a very positive term, with constructive feedback and a multitude of interesting personal journeys for the children and the adults. The feeling of a team approach is so empowering for us all. Lea and I are grateful to be in such a wonderful environment.

We are so proud to see Taz and Edie work so hard to achieve their goal of transitioning to Upper Primary. They have been amazing role models in their work ethic and output and we will miss their incredible drive and energy in Gioia. Best of luck in your new cycle of Montessori education!!

We also say good-bye to Riho, who is going to a Japanese learning environment in preparation for her transition back to Japan in the near future. We have enjoyed your company and know you will miss the Montessori environment. Riho will keep in touch and come to visit us before she leaves for Japan.

The glorious autumn weather beckons us to relax and unwind.

We wish all of our Beehive families a safe and happy holiday.

Anthea and Lea xx