La Casa della Gioia

Teacher: Anthea Brignoli, Teacher Assistant: Lea Hammond

La Casa della Gioia

It has been another busy, creative, energetic term in Gioia.

We were very shocked to hear of Lea’s health scare at the beginning of the term but we know she is in the best hands. Thanks so much to Eamon for guiding and helping her through the initial stages of the medical system. Her progress during this recovery time has been going well. The children are keeping in contact via email and the whole class community have embraced the ongoing social connection with her. We hope she can come along to our graduation concert at the Octagon Theatre tonight, because we know she will love our item!

Thank you so much to Sam for being a wonderful help from Monday to Thursday and Lily for being here on Fridays. Sam is enjoying the change to Middle Primary and she is a natural at guiding children in developing a sound work ethic and love of learning.

Lily is also a great role model and as a past student of the Beehive, she offers insight into virtuous behaviours and positive interactions.

The children also liked having Georgia for three weeks on her 2nd year teaching practise from Curtin University. She loved the Montessori philosophy and was very impressed (and daunted) at the level of work the children displayed, the topics covered and the children’s knowledge.

Some of the term highlights included: having our wonderful grandparents visit us at school and participate in our daily tasks, performing our “times tables” corroboree, learning mime with Sarah, preparing our candles for the Christmas market and practising for Sports Day.

Two of our older children, Polly and Tristan, are transitioning to Upper Primary after the holidays.  We have valued their helpfulness, sense of humility and wonderful work ethic throughout their years in “La Casa della Gioia.” You have both learnt so much in your time here and we trust that your work values and personal virtues will follow you into the next cycle of Montessori education. We will miss your smiles and positivity.

As a class, we have ventured into many cultural topics this term. In biology, we looked at a study of bees and their habits, to pollination and flowering plants. Thanks to Brendan (Tasman’s Dad) for his informative guided talk about the beehives in the Adolescent Program. It was amazing to see the hives close-up, look at the equipment necessary for extracting the honey and taste the delicious, natural honey. We all really enjoyed the mini excursion to our fellow student’s workplace.

In health/human biology, we learnt about certain systems of the human body and related organs and their function. Eamon (Teddy’s Dad) was very impressed about the depth of knowledge the children displayed when he came in to talk about “Radiology” with the class. Thank-you Eamon!

In geography, we looked at the Earth and its layers and the tectonic plates that cover the crust. From there we researched different kinds of mountains and learnt about some of the famous mountain ranges in our world. The children loved looking at “ancient wonders” and finding out further information to share with the class. Forces on Earth were recalled and experiments devised to illustrate their impact on our planet. Our trip to Scitech earlier in the year coincided perfectly with this exploration of light, energy and sound. The planetarium focus on “The Earth’s tilt” worked in really well too!

One group became absorbed with the planets of the Solar System, whilst another group embarked on the “Time-line of Life” and yet another group researched Fundamental Human Needs through time. This was only a tip of the educational “iceberg!” There was never a dull moment for learning new things and the change in all of the children this term has been remarkable.

Thanks also to our wonderful Beeliner, Jonelle, for helping out so much during the busy term and contributing many resources for our Xmas market and beyond.

A big thanks also to Nicole (Reuben’s Mum) and Reuben, who set up the organic olive oil stall many times to sell their wonderful produce to the parent body. They have raised close to $800.00 for our playground. An amazing effort! Thanks x

We have raised so much money for the playground that we should all feel proud of our class efforts!!

An update on our lovely budgerigar – Lorraine and Lily organised a visit to our local vet in Cottesloe thanks to Ben’s Mum, Belinda. The vet, Dr Glenn (Belinda’s friend) operated to remove Tiger’s cyst in her feather stalk. She recovered superbly well for her age and has been ravenous ever since!

Thanks to all involved!

We hope that everyone enjoys their summer holidays and puts in some time for a summer reading challenge (available at most libraries), some “times tables” songs and lots of nature play!

Relax and enjoy our beautiful State!   If you are travelling…have fun and stay safe!

Anthea and Lea, Sam and Lily