La Casa del Cuore

Teachers:  Maria Partridge    Teacher Assistant: Susan Russell

La Casa del Cuore

The children returned this term with an eagerness to work and immersed themselves in all learning areas. In Italian lessons, Serena set up the classroom garden with a variety of vegetables and taught students the names of each of these, and gardening terms in Italian. We have had the pleasure of using fresh vegetables for cooking throughout the term.

We have been studying the Human Body, and the children learnt a song about the skeletal system which they performed for Corroboree. Dr Ursula Gruber (Pema’s mother) came to our classroom and explained the process of digestion in detail. The children enjoyed the presentation as it was interactive, and included interesting facts and visual representations of the different elements of the digestive system.

For Harmony Day children dressed in traditional clothes or costumes from various places of origin. Our class performed the Mexican hat dance for their contribution to the whole school activities in the hall. Afterwards in the classroom, we shared delicious food from many different countries.

The First Aid incursion for students was very informative, and included what to do if someone was choking.

Our excursion to Brownes Dairy was an interesting and enjoyable experience. The children learnt how milk is processed and packaged, some important aspects of recycling, and had the chance to taste test some yoghurt and to milk a cow.

For Art, the children created a multi-layered art work based on an exploration of symbolism, Gustav Klimt, and one of his most famous works, “The Tree of Life”. They have also been making dioramas in the cultural area.

Charlotte will be moving to Upper Primary next term and we wish her the very best. We would like to thank all those who took Gus home on the weekends and for the holidays.

Happy Easter, we hope you have a restful holiday!

Maria and Susan