La Casa del Cuore

Teachers:  Maria Partridge    Teacher Assistant: Susan Russell

La Casa del Cuore

This term we welcomed Alice, Isla, Sadie, Brooklyn, Charles and Hugo into our class. They were cared for by the older children and have settled in well.

The children were delighted to have their grandparents at school and show the activities that they experience daily.

Our class produced fine paintings and art work as they made calendars and pom-poms for the Christmas market and cards and decorations for themselves.

The virtues we focussed on this term were truthfulness, humility and perseverance. The children practised, prepared simple animal ears etc. and dramatized fables at Corroboree.

Report meetings were a very pleasant experience as the children’s achievements over the past year were recognised.

In our Protective behaviours program, we have revisited ‘Surprises and Secrets’.

The final week of term is always full of joy and excitement as we celebrate St Nicholas Day and the Graduation Concert. This year we had sports day as well, which the children really enjoyed

Scarlett has completed three years in Middle Primary, she has enjoyed visiting the Upper Primary class and looks forward to moving in the new year.  We wish her all the best.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

Maria and Riris