La Casa del Nord

Teacher: Kaye Skarratt,  Teachers Assistant: Amanda Furfaro

La Casa del Nord

As Easter fast approaches we would like to welcome Jack Etchells, younger brother of Harry, and Charlize Widjaja and their families to La Casa del Nord.

It has been a pleasure stepping into the classroom while Christine enjoys a break. The children have been caring and inclusive and made both the new students and myself feel very welcome.

The children’s enthusiasm for exploring new materials is contagious. As one child delves into a new project; whether it be learning about land and water forms, emblems of Australia, the names of the leaves in the botany cabinet or electric circuits, there are six other sets of eyes observing from near or far, planning when they too will have a turn on that new piece of material.

Throughout the term the children have particularly enjoyed creating and experimenting with electric circuits and colour mixing. The cooks have also enjoyed baking banana muffins which have been well received at the end of the day.

Thank you to Nella’s mum and dad for taking care of the class vegetable garden. They have managed to produce vegetables despite persistent coastal winds and local pests making their presence known.

The children also enjoyed Amanda’s mum coming into the room to cook some Easter treats.

We would like to wish Jack Canaris all the best as he transitions up to Middle Primary next term.

Have a safe and happy Easter.

Christine, Kaye and Amanda