La Casa del Giardino

Teacher: Lucy Clarkson Fletcher, Teacher Assistant: Suzanne Cameron

La Casa del Giardino

We began the term with a very special afternoon to acknowledge and celebrate all that our lovely mums do for us. There was much excitement and energetic activity around the room as the children prepared cheese sandwiches, chopped vegetables and juiced oranges in anticipation of the special visitors! After a bit of afternoon snacking, mums were joyfully shown around the classroom and given a few lessons! Thank you to everyone for coming – your children were so happy to have you here.

We were happy to welcome two new friends to the class this term: Derin and his parents Beste and Alex, and Zuma with his parents Suzanne and Ray. It has been wonderful to watch them settle into the classroom and begin to grow in confidence as they manage new routines, make choices for themselves and build new friendships in the environment. Over the term we have practiced the virtues of peacefulness, courtesy and orderliness. We had such fun working alongside La Casa della Luce for a combined corroboree where the children performed examples of courtesy and service. Through their efforts in packing away their belongings in their bags, returning an activity neatly to the shelves after completing their use of it, waiting for their turn with a material, planning their choices for the morning, brushing their hair and wiping their faces and noses, the children have demonstrated many examples of orderliness and their satisfaction in doing so has highlighted how internal and valuable this need is for them.

In the kitchen this term the children prepared pasta dough and explored making different pasta shapes to eat. Patience was required to wait for the dough to be ready, and lots of muscular effort was needed to turn the handle of the pasta machine, trips to the courtyard were required to gather lemons and basil for the sauce, and lots of fingers were needed to taste the pasta – spaghetti, fettucine– molto bene!!

Thank you to Simona who came in to show the children other ways of making pasta using different kitchen tools – they loved it.

The children also enjoyed the Walkathon and Portfolio Afternoon events during the term, taking delight in feeling the salty air on their faces, counting the ships sailing by and reflecting on their own growth and development as they took time to peruse through portfolios with family members. We end the term by looking forward to the Junior Primary music concert with Robyn. Thank you to all families who made contributions to the classroom activities, and to our Beeliners, Anna and Siobhan for their time in keeping us all connected.

Happy holidays – keep warm and well.

Lucy and Suzanne