La Casa del Giardino

Teacher: Kaye Skarratt, Teacher Assistant: Suzanne Cameron

La Casa del Giardino

T-shirts and summer dresses are back. We welcome the return of the summer sun as it has enabled the children to go out and enjoy activities such as planting, weeding, painting, and building outdoor land and water forms without the bite of winter.

It is good to reflect on each child’s progress over the year, whether it be mastering counting to ten, an improvement in concentration, designing a new Roman Arch wall, learning to read or building the Trinomial Cube unaided. It is heartening to see a wide grin appear on each face or watch them grow a little in stature as they realize they have mastered a new skill.

A highlight of this term has been preparing for the Christmas Market. The children have been involved in the creation of our product; icy-poles from field to market.

The children harvested, squeezed and packaged the lemons into containers.

They advertised and then sold their goods on Market day. Much enthusiasm was observed as children managed the stall and worked the till. Budding business people all!

As we prepared for the last corroboree of the year we had to practice singing Christmas Carols in late October, which didn’t seem quite right but the children enjoyed the process. As the Corroboree highlighted, we have a lot to be thankful for.

I would like to wish Riho all the best as she transitions to Middle Primary next year and to Ella as she moves to her new school.

Have a safe and happy festive season.

Kaye and Suzanne