La Casa del Giardino

Teacher: Lucy Clarkson Fletcher, Teacher Assistant: Suzanne Cameron

La Casa del Giardino

How wonderful it is to be amongst the children again, and a big thank you to Kaye for her time with them. Being back amongst it has reminded me how many collaborative opportunities the Montessori environment of mixed age groups provides for the child.  For both the younger and the older child, these collaborative opportunities promote kindness and empathy and good will amongst them. Maria Montessori commented, “there is a great sense of community within the Montessori classroom, where children of differing ages work together in an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competitiveness.” Many new friends joined the class this term. During this time, I have seen the older children welcome in new faces and offer them reassurance and understanding with a hand on a shoulder and the confidently spoken words “your mum or dad will come back.” I have witnessed the sharing of knowledge and kindness when an invitation is offered “Would you like to come and play I spy with me?” or “would you like to have morning tea with me?”

As the days have passed I have observed these new friends beginning to take their place in the community, entering through the door happily and with a certain confidence as they spend their day practicing making choices from the prepared environment and learning control of their movements. In fact, when the last new friend joined the class, one of the other new children passed on the empathy she had received, rubbing the child’s back and saying with a big smile on her face, “your mum will come!” I would like to welcome Maya and her parents Serena and David, Ani and her parents Astghik and Clas, Amelie and her parents Samantha and Nicholas, Edmund and his parents Ella and Adam, Lina and her parents Sue and Jim, and Haizen and her parents Lauren and Stephanie. Collaborative opportunities have been very meaningful for the older children too over the course of the term. Some have worked alongside each other to improve their understanding of the decimal system whilst others have worked on their reading and writing skills with friends.

Others have been energized by their contact with nature, busily clearing the courtyard and preparing it for autumn planting

and everyone has enjoyed working alongside a partner to prepare the oat and date cookies for sharing.

We joyfully take this pause at the close of the term to celebrate each individual’s personal growth and to acknowledge their production and contribution to the class in collaboration with others. We also take this time to wish Shreya all the very best as she moves up to Middle Primary next term. We shall miss her smiling face and her helpful nature around the classroom. Many thanks to all families who helped with or contributed to classroom jobs, and to our beeliner, Anna for keeping us all informed. We look forward to Siobhan joining her in the beeliner role next term. Enjoy the holidays and we will see you all back in Term 2!

Lucy and Suzanne