La Casa dei Fiori

Teacher: Ellen McCarthy,  Teacher’s Assistant: Lauren Ebert-Day

La Casa dei Fiori

This term we have welcomed Oliver Groom and Sabine Duncan Smith to the classroom and have enjoyed getting to know them and their families.

We have been discussing the virtues of helpfulness, assertiveness, responsibility and persistence, as well as talking about protective behaviours. We have learnt “no, go, tell” –  that if someone does something that is inappropriate or makes us feel uncomfortable we remember to say “no”, then we “go” and we “tell” a trusted adult. We have been reading stories, such as “Everyone’s got a Bottom” and singing songs like “I’m the Boss of My Own Body” to help reinforce these themes.

The children have enjoyed baking bread each day and experimenting with different alternatives such as bread rolls, focaccia and braided loafs.

We have also enjoyed slicing fruit to share for morning tea each day and then practicing self-control by only eating one piece each to ensure that everyone else gets some too.

It was fantastic to see the amazing cultural costumes that were worn on Harmony Day and we all enjoyed sharing the delicious food and talking about the different cultures that they came from. We are blessed to have such a diverse and rich cultural heritage in our classroom community and hope to be able to draw on this more in the future. We have also been discussing the Indigenous history of Australia and in particular the Whadjuk Noongar people, by learning Noongar names of our native animals, parts of our body and singing songs.

We finish the term with the sleepover for the eldest children who are transitioning to Middle Primary, and farewell Dylan as he moves to La Casa della Gioia next term. We wish him all the best and hope he comes to visit us to tell us all about Middle Primary.

Thank you to everyone who has donated items or their time this term, particularly our class beeliners.

Ellen and Lauren