La Casa Contenta

Teacher:  Cathy Woodhouse, Teacher’s Assistant: Chantal Fenelon

La Casa Contenta

My favourite time of the year is definitely the first few weeks of Term 1 when the children come back after the long summer break.  To watch them reconnect with the materials and each other is such a joy.  Often the children come back feeling that they have grown over the holidays and are now ready to step into the position of role-model, and this has certainly been the case this year.

I have noticed an explosion of interest in the math materials throughout the term.  This is occurring at different levels simultaneously.  For the younger children it may look like a sudden interest in playing counting games with their friends, or tracing the sandpaper numerals.  For some children this manifests as a mad number-writing frenzy.  For the older children we may see a sudden interest in challenging themselves with multiplication or division work, often repeated day after day.

It is wonderful to see this interest filtering through the children, cropping up spontaneously – there are always younger observers absorbing the enthusiasm of the older ones, just waiting their turn to spark an interest in those that will come after them!

We have been so happy to welcome 5 new friends to our class – Sienna, Ava, Xavier, Joseph and Ari joined us during Term 1 and have quickly become a part of the La Casa Contenta family.

Wishing you all a safe and restful Easter break with your families.

Cathy and Chantal