La Casa della Terra

Teachers:  Bronwyn Hope & Brendan Giambazi

La Casa della Terra

This term has been great fun.

We have explored Shogunate Japan in Humanities and the Biochemistry of our bodies in Science. Students have really enjoyed the physicality of their weekly trampolining lessons, thanks to parents who helped with transport for this activity; as well as learning a variety of new skills in art, such as felting, crocheting, dyeing and knitting.

A big thank you to Anne Stewart and Femke Knol for coming in to share their skillsets with us.

In English we have been writing poetry, reading The Tempest by Shakespeare in preparation for our play next term, and reviewing and polishing our spelling skills.

In Mathematics, students have been looking at the study of Geometry and Algebra, while continuously cycling through most topics to keep them fresh for homework.

The highlight of the term was undoubtedly our camps; Italy was amazing by all accounts, and students really enjoyed their camp in Denmark. A massive thank you to Mark, Linda and Nella Scholmann for lending us their house!

We now have 4 trained baristas in La Casa della Terra, thanks to our year 8 and 9 students attending training at European Foods this term.  Students are excited to put their newfound skills into action.

A big thank you to Martin Black and European Foods for making this happen.

Of course, amongst all of this activity we have also been tending to our mini farm; looking after the bees, tending to the gardens which we harvest for our Friday lunches and welcoming a new flock of chickens to the mix.

We have an amazing bunch of capable young adults here in La Casa della Terra, who make it a joy to teach. We feel very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful program at Beehive. We hope to see everyone back happy, healthy and ready for a great second half of the year.

Bronwyn & Brendan