La Casa della Terra

Teachers:  Bronwyn Hope & Brendan Giambazi

La Casa della Terra

What a fabulous term we have had up here in La Casa della Terra! Students have loved Wednesdays in particular this term- swimming at Cottesloe beach followed by dance and art lessons…what’s not to love? The end of year dance is shaping up to be spectacular and students have created some beautiful artworks in different printmaking styles.  Big thanks to Pete Flavelle for his help and expertise in printmaking this term.

In Humanities we have been studying Global Environmental Issues, which has led to some deep thinking and in depth discussions and seminar readings. The Science Occupation topic of Beekeeping was well timed, with some interesting problems up in one of our hives this semester with the loss of a queen bee in one of the hives.  This provided great practical application to our studies in real time.

All students have created some fabulous written work and presentations on their chosen topics of interest, and it has been fabulous having such a talented group of year six students to add their talents to the group for a term.

In English, students have been really enjoying their book groups, studying authorial style in ‘The Curious Dog in the Night-time’ and critically analysing the author’s intent in ‘The Wind Singer’. Students have enjoyed creating a magazine of their choice, as well as continuing to refine their drafting and editing skills, and investigating other literary techniques to create cohesive texts.

Students have had a productive term in maths, further consolidating their understanding, and we have had some guest speakers come in this term to describe how maths fits in to different professions. A massive thank you to all the parents who came in this term; Meaghan White, Jeremy Hadfield and Marcus Hope. Our students really enjoyed having an insight into what different jobs entail. Anyone interested in coming in to talk about their professions please let us know, we’d love to have you in!

Our Christmas stall was a huge success, and it was lovely to see the students buzzing with pride, selling their products. Coastal café is now attracting some loyal customers each week and the baristas are doing a great job.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holidays, and a big rest after a highly productive and fun term.

Bronwyn & Brendan