Sports Day

You are invited to watch the Primary and Adolescent students participate in a range of events on Monday 20 September 9.00am – 12.00pm at the green space near the Orange Box, Leighton Beach.  It is a non-competitive morning where the children are encouraged to do their best and enjoy being active in a fun and positive environment.

Students are to arrive at school between 8.30am and 8.45am, when they will walk to Leighton Beach. The morning will conclude at 12.00pm and the children will walk back to school.

Students will need to:

  • wear comfortable clothes including their Beehive shirts and sports shoes;
  • apply plenty of sunscreen before they arrive to school;
  • bring a drink bottle of water; and
  • bring their morning tea and lunch as usual.

The children would love to see as many parents in attendance as possible and there is even a staff/parents race planned for the morning.  Whilst the day is for Primary and Adolescent Program students, Junior Primary parents are more than welcome to attend to watch the children enjoy the day.  Don’t forget to bring a chair or rug to sit on