School starting Monday 8th February



It is with much joy that I inform you that assuming we do not record any further cases of COVID-19 over the next few days, we will return to school on Monday 8 February.

This will entail some different protocols we have not seen before. Masks are required to be worn by all parents, school staff and our adolescent program (secondary) students. Masks are not required to be worn by junior primary or primary school students.

Although we are not required to alter our drop off protocols at this stage, parents will need to maintain the 2m physical distancing at all times. As before, if you would prefer not to enter the school grounds at drop off, Debbie or I will be manning the front white gate from 8.30am and you can say goodbye to your child at this point instead.

Please see the link below for  further information

Transition out of lockdown from 6pm, Friday 5 February

If we receive any further information with regard to these arrangements, we will keep you informed.

Although this start to the year looks a little different to usual, I speak for all Beehive staff in welcoming children back to school on Monday.

We can’t wait to see you!


Sunday 31 January 2021

As you are aware, the Premier has announced a lockdown in WA which includes closing schools for this coming week. As we have not yet returned to school, this is to be viewed as an extra week of holidays, in the hope that we return to school on Monday 8th February. Please rest assured that if this is not the case, we will begin a further learning from home program.

For further information with regards to the lockdown please see the links below;

Media statements – Western Australia enters five-day lockdown from 6pm tonight

This is disappointing news for all of us-over the last week we have been busy preparing for the students’ return, and were really looking forward to seeing all of their smiling faces after the long break.

Further updates will be provided as they become available over the coming week.