14 May Communication

I am loving the opportunity to greet, and say goodbye to, each and every student in the school every day; to see their smiling faces and watch them skip to class in anticipation of what their school day will bring. I feel honoured to have this daily contact with them all, and to observe their growing independence and sense of pride.

All of us at Beehive are thrilled to have 97% of students back in class this week, and we expect the remaining few students to return on Monday after the Premier’s announcement this morning that all students should return to school from next week.

The teachers have done an amazing job with the our learning from home program, and in particular the Weekly Work Plans. As of next week, the classrooms will return to a normal timetable and teachers will no longer send learning resources home nor schedule video conference sessions with students. Students not attending school as of next week will either require a medical certificate (if they are considered high risk), or otherwise they will be marked as absent.

The Premier’s advice is to still restrict the number of adults on school grounds, so we will continue with the drop off and pick up routines we have in place currently. Your cooperation with this has really helped make it a smooth process.

I do however remind you that all students should be at school and in class by 8.45am. I will continue to greet between 8.15 and 8.45am and ask that your children please arrive within that time.

After 8.45am the gates will be shut and parents will need to call the office for someone to open the gates and let your children in. This is not only to ensure we know who has arrived at school, but also to reduce the number of people touching the gate and surrounds.


Camps planned for Term 3 will be cancelled. There is far too much uncertainty regarding what restrictions will be in place at that time, and we are well aware that the additional expense of camps is not viable for many of you.


Transitions will continue as planned, though observations will not be scheduled. Letters outlining the process for those students due to move to their next class in Term 3 will be sent early next week.


Just a reminder to have a look at our updated website. It is much more user friendly, and attractive!


Term 2 events remain either cancelled or postponed until further notice.

Pupil Free Day

Just a reminder that 29 May is a pupil free day as staff have professional development on that day.

Thank you for your ongoing support during this unprecedented time.