30 April Communication

Welcome back to Term 2, 2020:

We have had glorious autumn weather to herald the start of Term 2 and the return of almost 70% of Beehive students back to the school! It has been lovely to see the smiling, enthusiastic faces on students, parents and staff. The classrooms are running almost normally, though certainly the cleaning and other health practices put in place last term are continuing. Just a reminder that all students need a water bottle as the drinking fountains are turned off, there is no shared food or food preparation activities, and no shared cutlery, crockery or glasses.

It has been a wonderful first step towards the school community re-joining again, but we are taking it slowly until after the Government review of schools at the end of the first three weeks of term. For that reason, events in Term 2 are cancelled or postponed, including sushi orders, Corroborees, Home Room Meetings, choir, bands, karate and playgroup. We will reassess these later in the term once parents are permitted on school grounds again.

Thank you so much for your punctuality and cooperation with our morning drop off and staged afternoon pick up. Yesterday went so smoothly we have streamlined further, and the Junior Primary children scheduled for a pick up at 2.30pm can now be collected at 2.45pm along with the next group.

I understand how difficult it must be for you to say goodbye outside and watch your child walk away – it is very different to what we are all used to but we are all doing what we can to make sure the school can remain open and all our staff remain safe and well, so thank you. Thank you to all the students too, they are amazing and have coped so well with what is a very different start and finish to their school day. There is pride on their faces as they make their way confidently and independently to class after saying goodbye outside, and as older students support their younger siblings.


I apologise for the disruption that some parents are experiencing with emails- we are looking into it and hope it will be resolved very quickly. I understand some of you have not received the communications sent out during the holidays, which must have made yesterday all the more confusing. While we are waiting for that to be resolved, I will ask the Beeliners to also send out the school communications, and it is all available on the school website www.beehive.wa.edu.au The website has been updated and is looking fabulous, so please take a look and check the COVID-19 section for the latest information.  In particular, please read the latest letter A056 as this contains a link to a Google Form that we need all parents to complete.

There is also a Parent Login section, please contact administration for the password to access further information, in particular the Weekly Work Plans and all the videos from the teachers at the end of last term. There is more to come on the website, but we are really pleased with the new, responsive layout.

Enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts.