Parent Toddler Program

Enrolment in our Parent Toddler Program, La Casa dei Piccoli, is now open for 2018.

Our Parent Toddler Program provides an opportunity for children and their parents to come together in a specially prepared environment suited to the developmental needs of young children. This nurturing environment with specially designed materials and equipment is calm, ordered and enticing to children to explore and assist them in realising their full potential.

The focus of our program is to help children experience the joy of learning by facilitating their need for independence, order, movement, language and understanding of the world. Through the support and guidance of a facilitator, parents will increase their awareness of their child’s capabilities and need for independence. Parents will grow in their role as nurturing caregivers as they gain valuable parenting knowledge about Montessori principles including what experiences they can offer their child in the home environment.

Session Times

9am – 11am Monday or

9am – 11am Wednesday

Places are filling fast, so we are taking expressions of interest for Tuesday or Thursday sessions for 2018

Fees are $150 per child per session for an 8 week term (sessions start 2nd week of each term) 15% discount for second sibling aged 1-3 years also attending the session

No fees for siblings under 1 year

To enrol please complete the  PARENT TODDLER PROGRAM ENROLMENT FORM  and return to Beehive along with a copy of your child’s 18 month immunisation record and payment.

More information on the program is available in the Parent Toddler Program Prospectus or contact the school on 93831283 or